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Cabling Service Contract

Brymer Communication Services, LLC

DIR Contract Name: Cabling Services and Related Products

DIR Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4777

How to Order:
  1. For product and pricing information, contact Andrea Grady.
  2. Generate a purchase order, made payable to BryComm. You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4777 on your purchase order.
  3. E-mail or fax your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor sales representative.

ICT Cooperative Contracts Order Fulfillment Contact Information:

Name: Andrea Grady, Sales Coordinator
Office: 512-712-4008
Fax: 512-712-4009
Email: andrea.grady@brycomm.com

Warranty Information:

BryComm hereby affirms that all work has been performed without defect in workmanship or material under DIR’s ICT Cooperative Contracts program and carries the standard manufacturer’s warranty. If replacement is needed due to manufacturer defect and not due to damage, abuse or neglect by customer, third party, vendor or company and is still under warranty, call (512) 712-4008. This warranty agreement shall remain in effect for one (1) calendar year(s) from the executed date of completion.